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Clearing Your Ie Tif Clear your Temporary Internet Files on IE

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-Welcome to: Clearing your Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files Tutorial-!

Attention!: As some of the members on here may know, it is possible to clear your Internet Explorer Temporary Files.
I have searched this entire Tutorials subforum to find a topic already made, and I have found nothing. This tutorial I did NOT find this on Google, or any other search engine. I always find this out for myself.

Lets start:

Ok, first we open up Internet Explorer, then we click "Tools"...then we click on "Internet Options...".
On the Main page "General" we look below "Home Page" and we see a tab/box called "Temporary Internet Files"...pages you view on the Internet are stored in this special folder, for viewing again later on.
To view your special folder, to see your Temporary Internet files, we must click "Settings". A new little window will then appear. We then click "View files...", once you click that button another new little window will appear showing all of your Temporary Internet Files. Now we have looked at this folder we can click either the two buttons; "OK" or "Cancel". Now back on the Internet Options page, we can click "Delete Files..." and "Delete Cookies..." IF you want to remove your cookies aswell as your Temporary Internet Files.
When you click "Delete Files..." a confirmation box called "Delete Files" will appear.
In this box the following text:

Delete all files in the Temporary Internet Files.

You can also delete all your offline content stored locally.

If you also want to delete your offline content, tick the box. Then click the "OK" button.
Once you have deleted them, on the Internet Options window, we can now click "OK" again to save and close the settings we just did. Restart Internet Explorer, and there we have it!
Congratulations on successfully Deleting your Temporary Internet Files! :)
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