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Typesetting LaTeX or DocBook?

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I'm planning on writing a "book" about how to create websites in a correct and no-nonsense fashion. However, I was hoping to produce high-quality PS (PDF) output as well as an online version, for quick access to information...


So, up until now I have been using LaTeX only, but I'm willing to try DocBook... I just don't like the syntax very much (too much tags to open and close). Despite that, I would like to know what your opinions are regarding this matter.


Given that I want both PDF and HTML output, which should I use?

When you answer, please state the reasons why you think I should trust your opinion... convince me ;)

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Well how about I convince you to still with one version and then set up a script that will convert your HTML to PDF and that way you only have to type it out once and if someone wants to get a pdf/offline version of your book they can generate it themselves. That way you don't have to worry about re-bolding, re-centering and stuff like that.


So that is my suggestion on how to set up your book/website.

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