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Adrenaline 95+ Active Mini warring Clan #adrenaline

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Hello, if you are looking for a clan that you can fit in and have a great time then Adrenaline is the clan for you. Adrenaline is a clan where you can meet new people and become friends, help each other out, and have a good time. Not just that, we also have regular wars and a lot of fun events. So come on and join the thrilling fun and excitement. Adrenaline is a clan looking to expand and become a dominant force in Runescape, but at the same time keeping the fun mentality and quality friendships. So come and join Adrenaline if you want to OWN and have a fun time playing Runescape. Then recruit your friends and have them recruit their friends so that Adrenaline doesn't KO them in clan arena.


Adrenaline is an extremely fun and active clan. We do both a F2P and P2P events. Our events consist of F2P Mini wars, Full outs, Castle wars, KBD, God wars, KQ, Dag kings, Trawler, FOG, BH, Fight Pits and much more. Join Adrenaline now if you want to have an awesome warring clan and a very nice community.
*Note: We are an extremely active warring clan,so be prepared for 20+ min preps as well as week preps.


Like all great clans in Runescape, Adrenaline does have requirements, in which each member must meet in order to join. We not only have one requirement option you must meet, but have multiple ones. For those who perhaps enjoy mage, range, or defence more than others, there is still a chance for you joining.
.: [Full Member]:.
95+ Combat
90+ Combat with 80+ Defence
90+ Range with 90+ Defence
*Note: Having and using IRC at all times when playing Runescape is considered as a requirement.
* Note: Downloading and using Teamspeak (We have our own private Server) at times of war is considered as another requirement.


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Adrenaline VS The Creed
Adrenaline VS Latin Killers
Adrenaline VS Team Relentless
Adrenaline VS Council of Saradomin
Adrenaline VS Solar Angels



and IRC CHAN IS #adrenaline

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