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Project Euler Website(s) with computer programming exercises

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Well, I tried to post this to the Programming Languages subforum, but it seems that I could only do so in one of the subforums there... As this is not related to any particular language, I posted it here (admins & mods, please feel free to move this to the right section, if this isn't it :))

So, on we go... Some of you may have already heard about computer programming exercises... Some people create exercises and post them on the web, and other people solve them... It's fun, and helps you know your math and programming language a lot better...

Recently, I found this site: https://projecteuler.net/
It has tracking capabilities to keep track of your progress, some neat statistics, and 200+ exercises... Also, there are threads for every exercise on the site; however, you must first complete a given exercise to gain access to it's thread. There, you'll find the answers many other people found, and you'll also be able to post your own :)

If you know about more sites like these, please reply in this thread :)


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I'm a user on Project Euler - I find it to be a great site! I haven't done much on recent questions though (last 50 or so)..

Problems Solved: 108 out of 202

There's some great questions in there, with some nice interesting mathematics (well I suppose it's only interesting it you're into mathematics =.=). The questions do get extremely complicated at times and it requires some good brain-power to reduce O(e^n) to something like O(n) (which is definitely useful when n = 1000)...


An example:

Find the number of entries which are not divisible by 7 in the first one billion (109) rows of Pascal's triangle.

(actually this one you can do, if I recall correctly, on pen and paper!... without writing out the ~5*1018 terms...)


edit) I'm bad at big O notation

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