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Using Mp3 Players With Itunes?

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I recently purchased an ipod nano and I have to say that it is an awesome upgrade from the one gig mp3 player that I used to have! I am very happy with the whole iTunes set up and its funny but that and the safari download that came with it, has convinced me to buy a mac book which is on its way as I type! Anyway, I got my ipod and suddenly my little brother and sister, and parents were hogging it so they all ended up purchasing a cheaper conventional mp3 players (sansa 140 or something like that) the problem was that the mp3 players were only compatible with windows media player, which we all know is a useless program and a severe wast of time! so I began looking into getting them to work with itunes and im finding out that it doesn't officialy work, which is crap!! first of all, windows media player and iTunes dont play nicely on the same computer (they fight over default player, AND music files!) and second of all, media player just doesnt work worth a hoot! so I came across a little plug in for itunes that requires the.NET framework and then installs in minutes called "iTunes Agent" (just google it!).... this program is AWESOME, it will convert any mp3 player to work with playlists in itunes! the documentation says only select brands of mp3 players, but as long as you know how to use the device manager in windows to convert from UMS ( the format for portable media players that doesnt work anyway most of the time) to MSC, which is basically a removable drive like a flash drive, then you can convert and use itunes agent to identify, sync and maintain your different mp3 players! and dont worry, if your not computer savvy and dont feel comfortable reformatting, just google it and you'll find alot of help! the possibilities to mp3 players is endless and you'll save alot of money if you dont want to buy and ipod, but still want to use the best media player on the net!

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