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State Of New Mexico Dot What a great program.

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I was in Albuquerque New Mexico yesterday and had to stop along the freeway (I-25) to adjust the load I had on my pickup. I no more got into the back of the truck and a big yellow truck with flashing lights pulled up. He pulled up beside me and asked if everything was OK. I told him I was okay just needed to adjust my load so it didn't fall out and create a problem. He told me that was a good idea, thanked me and backed up to sit and warn other drivers with his lights.This is a free service the State of New Mexico provides to all motorists traveling through Albuquerque. If you get stranded the safety truck will come to help you in anyway they can. The freeway is monitored by cameras and that is how the truck is dispatched. If you run out of gas they will get you enough to get to a safe location or get more gas. If you break down they will get you a tow or if you blow a tire they can even help you change it and get on your way.I have traveled extensively in the Western US and have never seen this before. I decided I would call and give "kudos" for a job well done but the problem I had was were to call? As luck would have it I called the City Clerks Office and talked to a very nice lady that put me in contact with the new 311 system. 311 here is the city information line. Well the lady at 311 knew exactly where to call and gave me the number to the exact office I needed to give a good report about the man that helped me.I know that people hardly ever call to give good praise so I did. I also decided to put it here on the forum to let everyone know that when you are traveling through Albuquerque NM you are safe on our roads. Come visit the Balloon Fiesta! It is a great trip and a wonderful time. Don't miss Balloon Glow though!

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