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What Is Medical Qigong

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Medical Qigong is a form of non-surgical, non-machine holistic healing that boosts little-known or no side-effects. Its origins can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206BC to 220BC).


Renowned universities like Tsinghua, Beijing and Zhongshan have reported their scientific findings of qi, or oxygen, to alleviate and cure common medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, kidney or liver failure, stroke and diabetes. According to medical qigong practitioners, most illnesses arise due to a re-alignment of the spine. When the cervical vertebrae body is compressed or realigned, it exerts pressure on the nervous system that in turn, presses on the meridians. Each meridian along the spine corresponds to a major organ, such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc. When there is pressure on the meridian, the major organ that is connected to it malfunctions.


Modern lifestyle causes the spine to be in the wrong posture over time. Wearing heels, sitting in the incorrect posture for prolonged periods, consuming excessive drugs, sitting on sofas and using gym equipment incorrectly are the most common culprits of developing the wrong posture.


In medical qigong, patients are typically made to sit in a unique position to dispel toxins and replenish qi. When done correctly, the palms will start radiating heat in a few minutes. The effect will be more obvious if you usually have cold, clammy palms, or during cold weather. When a patient performs qigong methods or 'gongfas' under the close supervision of a certified medical qigong instructor, he is embarking on a journey of self-healing. Medical qigong comprises gongfa, Chinese massage methods and external qi emitted by qigong instructors.


The muscles, ligaments and tendons around the spine are loosened and this releases the pressure built up in the spine. The body will automatically align the spine back to the correct posture, re-activating the body to heal itself naturally of the existing medical condition. The major organs are able to resume normal functions. Qi and blood will also flow more smoothly, rejuvenating the person. Thus, when a person practices gongfas, he tends to feel more mentally alert.


In more severe cases, the qigong instructor will emit external qi to further enhance the functionality of major organs.


However, medical qigong is not suitable for patients who have undergone major operations or those who have their bones fused together. When people have injured their backs and choose to ignore the constant back pains and aches, the obstruction of smooth flow of qi and blood will cause dampness at the injured spot. After a prolonged period, the bones will contract and fuse.



Information derived by a talk conducted by Orient Qigong.

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