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Creating A Fully Featured Cms I am in the process of creating a fully featured CMS and need help

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Hello, my name is Derek and I am in the process of creating a CMS. My CMS will be slightly different than most, because I am creating it for business purposes. I own a business, Black Development & Produktionz, LLC. and I am creating all of my own services that I will need, such POS (web based to be integrated with virtually any OS), a scheduling system (for appointment and so that my client will be able to schedule based on open time slots), an emailing system (which I know will require more than effort than a normal CMS because it will depend on hosting and so forth), a file sorting system (the CMS is designed to be a website or LAN) and much more. I am looking for some assistance, but I don't see any PHP posts. Oh yeah, by the way, the CMS will be created in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, Javascript, possibly some perl and python (eventually, I would like to integrate a barcode scanner in hope to make a "FULLY FUNCTIONING" web based POS [open source and for sale]).This project will be enormous (I have three occupation types in mind -- all service and sales based --, web development, Law, and computer repair). Given the description of what the CMS will consist of, does anyone have anything to contribute (this will be an OSS project), such as, idea, code, testing or so forth. Do you think this is a good idea (where it's heading)? And so forth. I am just beginning the project and the first thing that I am doing is creating an invoicing system. I am new to such task and I know I will need help with that. I will post my DB later in the day and will need someone to make sure that I am going the right direction. DW

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