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Blind Faith By Ben Elton A very good novel.

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Blind Faith absorbs you into itself right from the very first look at the cover of the book.The water, the rising London Eye with an iris in the center, the coloring, it's just spectacular. And then you stumble upon the name. "Blind Faith" Sounds pretty interesting? Or rebellious for some but it's sure to get your attention. Then later on when you go through the back-cover of the book and read a summary, it sounds so very bland and something that must've been the plot of a really bad sci-fi movie, it can lose you here. But once you start reading it, you just can't stop.If you're a fan of The Matrix trilogy and Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, then this book is a must buy for you! It's really a perfect blend of both, a perfectly crafted dystopian future which becomes much believable after some Chuck Palahniuk-style self-examination. "We've done the same mistakes in the past and here we are, this could very well happen."It's set in a time after a flood caused by global warming, looking at the advantage, the Church starts brain-washing people again leading into a very pathetic New World Order where you're illegal if you don't have faith. Privacy is illegal too. Science, self-thought, real self-respect, creativity, all are sins. Due to the hypocrisy of the Church, we have more technology in a small cube than was needed to get the first Human onto Moon and yet vaccines are illegal. It's about one man's journey from an itch he can't scratch who has been completely void of imagination, self-respect, creativity and the capability to think into everything he's told to fear. How he saves his second daughter. How he discovers the whole new world of books, which have been banned by the Church, of course. How he starts triggering his imagination, creativity and becomes more and more of a Church-defiant. And then when he stumbles upon Origin of the Species, his life changes. How he triggers a revolution, is upto you to read. ;)If you like some controversial fiction, this would be perfect for you.

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