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Tax Deduction Questions...

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I was just looking at tax deductions because I'm buying a bunch of stuff for when I go downrange and was planning on doing a tax write-off on that stuff. However, I'm not sure what is allowed technically/legally, so if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be cool.Basically, I'm going off and buying a ton of stuff off of Ranger Joe's because we all know that in today's Army, yesterday's Army, and the Army of yesteryear, the government has been great in equipping the individual soldier with the best stuff to keep them alive. ;) This would include a bunch of MOLLE gear, backpacks, maybe some weapon accessories (depending on what I actually receive for a weapon as opposed to what I'm assigned now), uniform and apparel items, et cetera. The thing is, if I can get a tax write-off on these things, why not?On a cool note, Internal Revenue Code section 183 states that you can claim deductions on a non-lucrative HOBBY. Does that mean that we can claim things we've bought for FUN? (Paintball equipment and computer components cost money!) ;)

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