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Reviews Of Different Webhosts I Have Used Or Encountered 2 free and one paid (and one semi review of a paid site)

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First off I will talk about the free hosts seeing as that would be the most popular.


Xisto.com (obvious one to start with I think)


This has to be the very best free webhost I have EVER seen. It is easy to get credits, you do not have to have ads on your site, the staff and members are very helpfull if you have issues and the package you get is great for a free host.




Cost: Free

Storage: 500MB

Bandwidth (monthly): 10GB

Databases: unlimited mySQL

Email Accounts: Unlimited

Scripting languages: CGI, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Java, Perl

Requirements: Forum posting

URL Type: domain or sub domain



This place is the worst I have been on. I had my site there for a few months and it was down for at least 40% of the time. Granted they were changing servers around but the impression I got was that they were NOT professional about it at all. It seemed like a bunch of kids playing with some toys.

Also they would bann people for speaking about problems on their forums. Any small problem with how they ran the place was dealt with by a bann. Also they are very anal about their banner rule, even popups have to have a banner as it is counted as another webpage (my site was shut down for a few days due to this).


I DO NOt SUGGEST EVER GOING HERE. (unless you like downtime and being banned because someone is in a bad mood or doen't like what you say)


Cost: Free

Storage: 2,500 MB

Bandwidth (monthly): 45GB

Databases: 5 mySQL

Email Accounts: 15

Scripting languages: CGI, PHP, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Perl, Python.

Requirements: 468 x 60 Banner (on the top of every page, including pop ups)

URL Type: domain or sub domain



I LOVE this paid host. It is definitely the best one I have found. I checked all around when I switched from Xisto for something good (especially seeing as I was spoiled on Xisto) and I ran into this site. Just the stats alone are great but the reviews I have seen are almost all positive. One really nice thing about this site is that the bandwidth and storage amount you can use rase each week you are with them! Also they have great prices and you can get promo codes for various things including $50 off for new accounts. (Some of which I will give you here BTW)


Cost: $10.95/month - $5.95/month (depends on the term from monthly up to 10 years)

Storage: 500GB (raises by 2gb a week)

Bandwidth (monthly): 5tb (raises by 40gb a week)

Databases: Unlimited mySQL

Email Accounts: unlimited

Scripting languages: PHP, Unix shell, CGI, Frontpage Extensions, Ruby On Rails, SSI, SVN, others


URL Type: Domain or sub domain (they offer 1 free domain)

Misc: 97 day money back guarantee, free whois privacy


Here are some codes to use if you are planning on getting hosted here (just click the code to have it automatically filled in for you):

RACURIA1010 - +10% disk space and bandwidth

RACURIADOM - +3 free domain names

RACURIA20IP - +free Unique IP and $20 off

RACURIA50 - $50 Bux off


(BTW yes those are referral links but the money i get for referrals go into the promo codes that I am offering to you guys to give you better services (each code removes money that I would get if u didn't use the code and signed up saying I referred you))




ALSO one interesting thing I found.




I went to check this site out because I liked what they offered so I was going to go through the usual routine of asking about their stuff (things like if they allow adult sites, which could end u getting your site accidentally blocked by blocking software if you both are on the same IP.)


I logged into their live chat support to talk to a sales rep.


When I logged in I asked the question about adult sites and the sales rep pointed me to their terms of service (which I could not find) saying that it was against them. I then skimmed over the TOS quickly to see if i had any other questions and found a part about profanity not being allowed on their servers and was wondering about this (I planed on having a chat and forum and did not want them shutting me down because someone else posted something I didn't catch)


The sales rep was 100% honest with me, he said that the business is located in Utah USA and so the servers are governed by the local reignign religion's views and beliefs.


This honesty first SHOCKED THE HECK OUT OF ME, then I came to the conclusion that that host is not a good one due to the fact that religious beliefs should not enter into the affairs of a business that caters to different people and different belief systems, that and a lot of beliefs that the owners hold directly conflict with mine.


HOWEVER I would like to point out that this site does have a good package and would be a nice place to have a website if you are not worried about things like religious views possibly skewing the rules.

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