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Dot5hosting Review Probably the worst host I have ever used...

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To any individual whom is planning on developing an account with Dot5Hosting (which is a website hosting provider), and utilizes MySQL databases for their website, I would not recommend it...


Dot5Hosting promises you the best - however, they give you the worst support system ever (you have to wait several hours or days to get a reply), a VERY small portion of the server, a max_user_connection limit of 10 (meaning if ten or more people on your website are using the SQL, you will frequently recieve repeative error notifications.


Back to the support again - a major aspect of a website hosting corporation. They seem to have only one or two support people. It will take you several hours, and sometimes several days to get a spot to speak to the live chat agents. By then, you aren't on, and your session has been destroyed. Afterwards, when you finally manage to reach the live support line, they don't even help you - in any way. Okay, once and awhile, they do take action; rarely, however. Mostly, they will just tell you they cannot do anything... that part may be somewhat true, and therefore it is the fault of the webmasters themselves for not providing a more flexible environment for staff and users.


In addition, they will suspend you for using 11% of the promised bandwidth, and make up excuses.


Otherwise, they will delete your files without notice, or force you to get rid of a script.

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