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Sm Review Corner: Speed Racer

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Go Speed Racer Go Speed Racer Go Racer GOOOOO!!

Talk about memory lane, most of were not even born when this anime came out in the 1960s, well maybe a few people :lol:. I was pretty pessimistic about this movie just because only people in their late 30s early 40s would remember this cartoon. There were reruns of this cartoon back in the nineties on cartoon network at like 3 or 4 in the morning, give or take :). On that note lets break down the actors; overall I think they did a descent job but personally I think John Goodman and Susan Sarandon stood out in their supporting roles, and as for Ricci she was ok, although she could have done better with the character she hit hte facial expressions well, but I thought she lacked emotion. You could say the monkey was better ;), but I would say as for the villain, Roger Allam, hit that spot well, and you will remember him as the news guy in V for Vendetta.

As for the story, hard to say really as there are no real spoilers to movie if your familiar with the anime except for this time they don't reveal who Racer X, but we all know who he is. Although you could say that this was the beginning of his grand racing career. Now lets get to the meat of this movie, the cars and all I have to say though only computer technology could make these cars do the things they do, since it would cost MILLIONS to make a car turn and flip like that, and of course the lack of gravity to. Special effects is what made this movie and also the coloring to, little bright, butt it works as it has that 60s-70s tone to it I guess.

I would say that a new generation of speed racers will come out of this movie, until they turn sixteen and become EVIL teens ;), of course it would be interesting to hear what the hardcore speed racer fans thought about this movie. Wait! I have click here to see those hardcore fans, and I would have to agree to some extent, and that leads into my box office prediction and sadly to say I doubt it will make much even if the directors of the Maxrix did this movie and so I would put it at a disappointing $10-$15 million opening weekend, and topping at $40-50, which means it could be a bust because it cost at least 100,000,000 to make. However, I think the rest of the world would be able to cover that $50 million needed to break even, but who knows I was completely wrong on Iron Man and so it should be a interesting sunday to see what Speed Racer makes, and see how much Iron Man takes in for its second week now that it is on the net for illegal downloads and what not.

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