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How good are you with HTML, PHP, etc? How big is your website going to be (how much bandwith will it use, how much space will it take up, etc)? Depending upon this, you might want to start off small, going to a free web server with built in sitebuilding tools so you won't have to use much HTML code. I suggest using a site similar to freewebs.com. This is a good place to start off if you're still in the early learning stages because you are able to practice some of the different techniques. Also, you can use a pre-made design which helps a lot for newbies. After a few months or so when you become more comfortable with coding, you can branch out and find a host with more webspace, bandwith, etc and give your site a more complex design. Don't worry ... it takes practice, but you WILL get the hang out it eventually. Never give up!

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