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Troy The Trojan war.

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Recently i watched the movie TROY and i really liked it very much , but after seeing the movie i have some questions to be raised, if you can consider giving your suggestion you are most welcomed, This movie is associated with the ancient history so i browsed the internet for answers but couldnt get it , Now in the movie Hector was killed by Akiilies , this is because Hector had killed the cousin of Akkiles , now knowing that Akkilies will kill him Hector decides to tell his wife the secret ways to escape out of the kings palace at the time of any war and shows a narrow passage and his wife notes it and uses it when Troy was burnt.Now do any one know where does this narrow passage lead , ofcourse it leads them out of troy but where ?? Can anyone clear this ?The next thing is that the movie shows that Akillies was killed by Hectors Brother , but is it true ? The history records Akkilies was killed in a garden but movie records that he was killed in a war,In this case what is the fact ??so friends do share your views and opinions on this and on the Trojan war of the ancient which is recorded as one of the Biggest War.

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