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What Is Network Marketing And How Does It Work? Global Domains International

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Start A LUCRATIVE Online Business That Generates a Passive, Residual Income Every Month on Autopilot From The Job You Do Just ONCE ! That is the catchline...


Network marketing is basically where if you recruit someone, they recruit tons more people virally in a endless-spiralling loop of recruiting more and more people.


For example, I recruited 10 people for this GDI thing (http://viralurl.com/domain.php?folder=Gnarfard&key=GDI&siteref=), and the system costs $10/month. This means as long as all the people I signed up stay signed up I never lose or gain money. EXCEPT that the people I recruited can recruit more people and when the more people sign up, I get money for every person they sign up in a 5 chain.


I recruit people for this network marketing stuff with an automated message that I whipped up a few weeks ago, it works wonders :)


The problem is with network marketing that it takes ages to get it started :lol:


Someone sits in the shade today, because they sowed the seeds for the tree yesterday!


Are you willing to spend a few hours a week for total financial freedom? This means that income for life can be yours if you work at it! And slowly but surely your online empire will grow far and great distances until you're an internet kingpin! My name is Christopher Shyu and I will hold your hand through this strange and exciting process of generating $10 into a quick, steady income that will last you for the rest of your life!


* I am offering my personal time and effort and money to help you and whomever you want to be on your team to succeed. I will personally tutor you with all the resources I have at my disposal, with one-on-one peer support * ~ Christopher Shyu


I have been learning the in's and out's of Global Domains Industry and network marketing since I was a Freshman in High School. I need to tell you my story. My father is a raging idiot. He has an abusive father for years. I had been living my normal crappy life, when I decided enough was enough. Now by applying my new income-generating plan I live with my friends in an expensive suite apartment with all the stuff and expensive I could ever dream of. My passion is Yu-Gi-Oh! and now I can afford to pay for my expensive hobby.


All we do everyday is work on helping others like yourself succeed at this business, and then we spend the rest of the day playing games and shopping and lounging around like children, and this is a true story. I was a total newbie after a year of research I have discovered how to unlock the secrets of the internet. I won't barrage you with ads or dumb down your intelligence, this is real.


Now, I run an extremely successful website donning the name of Team Gnarfard, and I have hired a team (they're really just my friends but I pay them anyways) to help me, help other people get rich just like I did.

Because I was poor once. I know how hard it is. How troublesome the loop of not having enough money is.

The key to you finally succeeding online is to plug into a mentor with a system that is proven to bring in results. That is exactly what I do... you'll get BIG results if you plug in and follow the instructions provided...


Online network marketing is also commonly known as internet network marketing. You use the internet to do the business. oing an online network marketing doesn't mean that you create an website and your business will run on auto-pilot. You still need to put in that hard work!


Your job is to attract as much traffic as you can and let your prospects exposed to your company's products and opportunity. In an average sales page, a 1%-3% conversation rate is common. This means that out of 100 people who visited your site, 1-3 will buy your products. In other words, in online network marketing, 1-3 people will join your team out of 100 people.


What does this means? The more traffic you have, the more people will be recruited into your team and your network marketing organization will grow. Simple as that!


Today there are millions of people around the world building this unseen industry called network marketing.

I am dedicated to bringing you the best possible system so you can achieve your goals and reach your dreams in record time. Systems work, people fail... it's that simple! So take a peek at my new system for automated income. I have worked on this system for ages and it works wonders. Now I can enjoy sitting in the lap of luxury with me and my friends who have become self-made retirees at such a young age.


* I have created a systemic plan where you can automatically get tons of people in your downline, generate free ad credits to get more people on your list and sign up in your downline, and monetize all this downline and mailing list stuff into easy, automatic income for life! The money is in the list, which generates members in your downline, which generates daily/monthly income with little investment necessary! *


Thousands Of People Worldwide Are Earning Quiet Fortunes

From Their Homes, Even While They Sleep! Are You Next?


Network Marketing GDI is one of the BEST program that generate passive residual income which is affordable ($10/month) and comes with huge, unlimited potential.



The most important step is to explore GDI!

Watch my 7 minute video that will explain this marketing stuff to the fullest extent!


There are 7 very good reasons to start this network marketing stuff.

Reason #1


It cost NOTHING to start (You are allowed to test drive the system 7 days


for free without spending your own money own money)




Reason #2


It’s only cost $10 a month to build a solid income after 7 days trial !


(It won’t cost you a fortune to start a home business)




Reason #3


The program is very AFFORDABLE to everyone. This means easy


duplicable and easy sale (it cost only less than a dinner for two)




Reason #4


A Global Opportunity means you can sponsor anybody around the globe


through the reach of the Internet ! (your business runs 24x7, on autopilot !)




Reason #5


You will build a Long Term, Sustainable, Passive Income from the work


that you do ONCE ! (Do-It-Once-Get-Paid-Forever-Income) Do you still


want go back to your tiring, profitless 9-5 job ?




Reason #6


You make money on (5) different levels! ( This is huge as you are


leveraging on team's effort to build a large recurring income)




Reason #7


Grow Your Team by leaps and bounds using the combination of Online


and Offline promotion method. (in fact, it could be any way you can think of to spread the word )




PLUS…Reason #8


Collect extra bonus money! (Sign up just 5 people in one week and


receive an extra $100 bonus. Sign up 10 in one week and get a $200 bonus)

Starting an Online Business with GDI is the smartest choice that you'll ever make. With less than the cost of a meal for two, you are taking the right path towards changing your financial life while others are still clueless and wandering around to find the way to make more income.
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