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Trigger Pimp Server And The Clan I'm In Quake 3 Arena v1.30 {gods}

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Sup everyone. I got approved for webspace here. I used it for my clan's web-site. There aren't very many servers on v1.30 Quake, and this server mentioned is where most of everyone hangs out. So it's easy to recognize the same players. It's fairly active throughout the week and weekend with a diverse amount of players from the United States to Australia. Because it's a community of people, the competitive atmosphere is very high. We all are usually on a freeze rail server: TP LA They also have a 1 vs 1 rail server: TP Chicago TP's web-site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ The web-site I threw together for my clan is /gods.kicks- but the swear filter takes out the word for donkey, if you can figure that out I go by ^mal!gnant{GoDS} or a couple other aliases. If anyone has quake and can't get into them servers, it's because you are on the wrong version, for which you can do a google search for a version switcher :lol: Hope to see you frag it up on the servers

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