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My Review On Nanostray 2 Game Review

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Nanostray 2 is like a Shoot-em-up, where the objective is to shoot thousands of nameless enemies with your super-powered ship. You control a ship, aided by two revolving drones and fly about blasting enemies in search for a cure to the Nanostray virus. It is a decent plot that serves its purpose as an excuse to start shooting.However, the game may be rather daunting to casual gamers because of its difficulty. The first two stages are quite easy, but novices will die at the later stages before they know it. There is also no way to save your game manually. The game is saved automatically between stages so it is easy to resume game play, but it also deletes your saved game when you die, forcing you to start all over again. I guess this makes it even more challenging. However, for the avid gamers, the difficulty is what makes the game addictive. You will just keep going at it until you have at least beaten the story.There are 32 challenges that you can attempt, such as scoring forty-five thousand points within thirty seconds or weaving through stages without dying. These challenges are just as, if not more difficult, than the main game. However, it is less taxing on your stamina as you can complete them one at a time.Included in the menu of games are three-dimensional variations of Snake and Brick-out, which will be unlocked for play once you finish a set of eight challenges.In my opinion, if you are a seasoned shoot-em-up gamer who loves challenges, you will most probably like Nanostray 2.

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