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Hts - Hack This Site what does this site do?

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Well HTS=Hack This Site Hack This Site is a Realistic Game for "Underground" Hackers, HTS Teaches you About Web Security and such, they actually let you "Hack" There site! All you need to do it sign up and start hacking, they send you on "Missions", first you start off with Basic Training hands on missions then move to Realistic and Java Programming and such, you need to learn about ASCII and MySQL Injections and stuff. After completing Missions you get points based on how hard the mission was, you will be ranked. "Newb" Script Kiddie" Master" Pro" And so on, there is also the "Hacker Emblem" which you can earn by hacking the site intensionally(Defacing and such)You can also hack the site and put up something that represents you and you will get points for doing so.The site can be found here!









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