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How To Make Money On Ebay & Craigslist (real Deal) Make Between 4500-9000

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How to Make at Least $4500 a month from ebay and craigslist (and other sites you can think of)

Heres one way of making money on ebay, craigslist, forums, whatever (I dont want this to be an ad for ebay though since I hate their fees, and Id like to mention other auction sites that
are cheaper or free such as onlineauction.com, payloadz.com, ebid.net)

The trick is in reseller hosting. You may know this or not know this but here goes....

Build a website, doesn't matter what the website is about, but sports is a great one since so many people are into sports, or even video games.

Purchase a reselling package through any website hosts who offer reselling. This is where a website will sell you hosting so you can resell it to other people. You can start your own hosting company in other words and many of them will provide you with a website and everything. Hostgator and Godaddy both offer reseller hosting but pretty much any host will do if its a good deal.

Once you make a website with reseller hosting, you can start building websites. Just make informational pages and make each website about 10 pages. Now add Google Adsense on the website. Adsense is when you put ads on your website and you get paid if people click on them. Well theres lots of people out there who want adsense websites, but dont know where to begin. Thats where you come in....

Sell the website as a "Turnkey Website" on one of those auction sites or craigslist and include in the details "Hosting is with (put your hosting website here) and is (choose a price you want to charge for hosting here)". You can charge anything for the actual website. Some people sell them for .99 cents to sell more and some people sell them for 20 bucks. So when the customer buys the website from you, they must pay you monthly fees to host the website. You dont even have to tell them that its your company that is doing the hosting, just refer them there. Your average person doing this gets about 70 sales a month just on ebay alone. So lets say you are getting 100 sales a month and you charge 12.99 to host each website. Lets say that 10 of that is pure profit. That would mean that you are making $1000 a month from people paying you for monthly hosting(If you charged 20 dollars for the actual websites too, then you really made $3000 because 2000 of that came from the actual website sale.). Now imagine if you can keep those customers happy by answering all their email questions and what not? Imagine if you can keep them month after month on your hosting plans? That means every month you are making an EXTRA $3000, so if everything went perfect, you would be making about $9000 EVERY MONTH. This isnt really the case though. Some people will drop out and not want to host anymore, but you will obviously still be making alot if you keep most of them happy and they choose to stay. I shared this info with you because if it helps you, I want you to visit http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ for more money making ideas like this. I want people to see that not everybody out there is a scam and some of us have really great ideas but we dont want to spend months writing guides just to give them away for free. So go to richkits.com and check out some other ideas ok.

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Reseller programs are also called affiliate programs, and sometimes other things. I always figured on making a site that promotes video games through barnesandnoble or whatever other web-site that will sell games and then creating a gaming system they can purchase through a reseller program, that will run the game. Boom, one product that sells well (games), and the systems that can run the game.I never thought about setting up these affiliate web-sites and selling them though, that's a good idea. And you'll have to either force your advertisements on their sites if you host them (which they may not like), or ask them to put the advertisements on themselves. Advertise your hosting and web-site building/selling services as well on customer sites and everywhere you can.If you're making that kind of money, you should look into purchasing a server, or turning an extra computer into an internet services server. Throw apache on it, etc. and host people's web-sites for a fee. Start them out with a pre-built site and it'll be up to them to promote the site and earn the commission. You sell the site and offer monthly hosting. You'll only have to pay for business class internet and the electric bill. Most people won't like the fact that you hide who hosts their web-site and they may want to hire someone else besides you to administer and update the web-site. That's their freedom, but if you're good with them customer satisfaction wise, they may look to you to do that also. You could even charge to promote their site wherever you can. Another service fee. It's all inclusive. However you want to run it, y'kno?

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