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Pmog Has anyone here tried PMOG?

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PMOG stands for Passive Multiplayer Online game. It's one of the new games based on the "Web 2.0" concept. An interactive internet where simply using it is communicating with other people. It's called passive because you could passively play it and still succeed. You don't need to touch it at all once you start it, if that's really what you want to do.


The game is played by installing a Firefox extension and being invited to create an account(You must be invited, as far as I know). There are seven types of items you can have. Lightposts, Portals, Crates, Mines, Armor, St. Nicks, and Datapoints/DP(Cash). The lightposts are used to mark locations on the internet. You can later use them to make missions(quests) in which a person can take them and visit each lightpost'd site, reading the description you insert for the mission as they go. You can level up after you earn a certain amount of DP. DP can be earned mostly by visiting entirely new domains, and a lesser amount can be earned by visiting new places on the domain. Portals can be used to lead people to other urls, and are marked with SFW or NSWF(same with quests). Crates can be left containing items like lightposts or portals, or even DP for whoever collects the crate. Mines don't really benefit you, but they destroy the competition. If the user does not have armor on when he trips a mine on a url, he will lose DP and the mine will be destroyed. Armor can be used to negate mines, and only goes down one after absorbing a certain amount of mines. To get back at the mine layers, you can use a St. Nick on them to make it so their next mine fails to deploy, and takes them down a mine. The max number of St. Nicks you can put on one person at a time is 5. Of course you can buy all these items in the shoppe on their site using your DP. Every time you use an item it effects your class status. There are several classes depending on your activities. A bedouin is someone who uses armor a lot. Pathmakers love putting down lightposts and turning them into quests. Destroyers destroy DP with their mines. Vigilantes use St. Nicks to stop the Destroyers. Benefactors use crates to spread wealth. Shouts are the people with no association. Your association affects what you can buy from the shoppe.


The Firefox extension appears as a small bar at the bottom, and can be minimized by a button on the status bar(The bar that says done at the bottom). It has a drop-up menu that gives you quick-access to the shoppe, events list, etc.


Anyone else here play PMOG? If you want to try it out, I can invite you. Their site is.



Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't quite sure it fits into any of those categories.

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