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This Girlfreind Left Me Emotioanlly Scarred.

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Ugh;Ok, so this girl i used to like, lets call her LB, keeps bugging me about who i like, thats a red flag for 'she might just maybe like me'.(IMO)so i finally tell her i like her, and we go on dates ect, then one day i see her with my friend, and i ask him about it, he says shes his gf, so we start fighting and stuff, then, we both see her with a guy we had never seen before, and we asked him later, said she was his gf, then we all 3 go up to her and ask her 'wtf is going on.'Apparently when she was bored, she would pretend to like guys she KNOWS likes her, I was seriously scarred by that situation, now I am to scared to ask the girl I love out on a date...It ended up though, as we all 3 became friends...better than that(Insert word here that i bet i can't post on this forum.)So, now I fell in love with my best friends sister, and It might start all over again with the fights...

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