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Hatebreed Metal

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Song Links
I Will Be Heard
This Is Now
Live For This
To the Threshold
Destroy Everything


HateBreed is a metal band that started back in 1994. This is my favorite band and I personally think they are great. Have any of you guys heard them before? If not check out the links and maybe you will like them to if your into metal.

Enjoy the kickass music

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Aaannd I disagree. Hatebreed isn't metal...far from it actually. Hatebreed is a hardcore band, with lyrics that are meant to hit close to home, rather than be about gore, hate upon organized religion, pure violence (instead of just stating it), and ya know...any other kind of lyrics that could be associated with metal. Hatebreed also makes use of breakdowns, which is a staple in the hardcore genre. This allows for a brutal more pit (trust me, they were my first pit and it was intense, but I've been in worse), and for the dreaded pit ninjas...ya know, those lame arses who like to practice their ninja kicks and stuff. Really the drumming and style of guitar is what makes one want to do that, where as in a metal pit, people just push and shove (and eventually punch) each other for fun, rather than want to intentionally hurt someone like in a hardcore pit. When it comes to the vocals, hardcore vocals are more throat based, and metal vocals are more diaphragm based. What I mean by that is, in hardcore, all they're doing for the vocals is a raspy yell/scream. As for metal, in power, it's actual singing and it might be coming from the diaphragm (not sure though...). In Thrash metal, it's more of just yelling usually...occasionally made raspy, but it could also go ear splittingly high pitched. In Death, black, and grind, it's all in the diaphragm. They use the vocal chords, tongue, and mouth to manipulate the sound from what's being pushed out of their lungs with the diaphragm. I've also noticed a rather big gangster rap influence in hardcore. I mean, you look at some of these hardcore bands and they look like they actually want to do gangster rap, rather than real metal.....though they also have metal influences, Hatebreed and other hardcore bands fall somewhere between the two. You'll also notice a brotherhood within both hardcore and metal, but with hardcore, they make seem almost like it's a new family, where as in metal, it's more like a kinship of something that runs through their veins...may sound like the same thing to a normal person, but if you think about it, it isn't....

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