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Modern History Or Legal Studies?

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Hi all,I am unsure with my subject choices.. we had to pick 4 subjects, as well as Maths and English (making a total of 6, as well as Religious Education and House Study- i don't consider them subjects as such) so we had to pick them mid-last year, so I chose Geography, Modern History, Economics and French.Now I picked Modern History because it gives you lots of practice in essay writing, researching and referencing which is good for our OP (and QCS tests) and later life. I got a B+ when we did history for half of last year (and geography for the other half). But I have found it very difficult and got a C+ for our exam and a bad mark for our assignment (1,500 words on Nazi Germany, as well as 15 pages of notes and other crap) but we haven't got the marks back but I know I am going to go really bad as the teacher said my first draft was pure *BLEEP* when I showed him, so I did more researching and rewrote it, and stayed up till 2am on the night before fixing it, and I struggled to reach that 1,500 mark and I know what I submitted is bad... :P and because next year (year 12) the marks we get in subjects DO INFLUENCE OUR OP! And if I get a bad OP, it means I am limited in what I can study at university.This year I am in year 11, and for Semester 1 all subjects do not count for our OP, and in Sem 2 some do (not all, history doesnt). If I am struggling this year and cannot cope, with bad marks, I hate to think of what it will be like next year when EVERYTHING counts and all subjects are full on. So if I do bad at History next year, my OP is pretty much down the drain. ^_^ I have asked my friends what they think- one of them does History like me and Legal Studies and the other does Legal Studies. The one that does History is not sure what I should do, and the one that does Legal said I should switch to that... as Legal Studies also gives you good writing practice etc. I am unsure about switching because I don't really want to be a lawyer and find law completely boring. (I did Commerce last year, which is a mix of all the business subjects (Legal Studies, Business (NON OP), Economics and Accounting) and although I was alright at the Legal Studies component, I just didn't find it fun. But as both my friends do Legal Studies, it could be good as we could all study together :P So what do you think? Stay in Modern History and potentially *BLEEP* up my life, or switch to Legal Studies, which could be really boring and I am unsure of how I will go at it.Thanks, any advice is appreciatedLachlan (aka. A200)EDIT: One issue with switching is that I have missed out a term of LS, and I would have to catch up... and also changing subjects means I could be moved in other subjects as well.

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