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Online Art Collections Which is better Online or Offline Graphic Collections?

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I just renewed my account with an online clip-art library ( http://www.clipart.com/en/ ).

The question I present: Is it better to use a clip art service online or to have a library
on your hard disk drive of your local computer (or on DVDs/CD-Roms)?

I would rather pay an annual fee for instant access to a large library of graphics
than having to search out graphics from my Hard Disk Drive or having to insert
up to 30 CD-Roms trying to find a basket of strawberries.

I am creating a Magic Club and i need graphics like a rabbit out of a hat or a
person being sawed in half. Not your usual graphics!

What do you prefer?

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you can use combination of both.


online collections are appropriate to find your favorite art clip quickly, designer will not pay unless he is satisfied with the quality of the sample.


reasons to use CD collection of art clips:


- you can use it off-line. no need to have a high speed broadband.

- includes lots of high resolution pictures for massive advertisement and big publication.

- sometimes cheaper than online sources.

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