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Break Up's Are Hard..... loosing a love

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i broke up with my partenre 4wks ago as i had been with him for 3yrs.. i feel really crazy... the relationshp had statrd to stumble on the birth of his daughter whih i knew was on the way when we got together but it never really hit me until the actually day 13th of feb the day before valentines and he cancelled our date......


as selfish as it may seem i was vey jealous and hurt given he was a married man and a little joy which i may have received by seeing him would be scrambled completey every year because of his daughter....



my selflishness made meparanoid and startd to drive a wedge between both of us and our phones became less and we saw each other less it was already.


when we did meet up it absolutely ate me alive to see him talking to any other female because i didnt get to spend anytiem with him at all......and when i did he was talking to other women .



i final pluck up the courage and said i want out n stuck by it but its the hardest thing i ever done and i regret it with all my heart.... and wish i could change it all.... and go back and take him back n nvr hurt or get upset with him ever again..... :lol:

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