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Sig Request by bthaxor

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hey everyone,


thanks if you take the time to complete this sig request.


i have slightly deviated from the usual sig request format, because this one is slightly unusual... it is actually a userbar request... anyway, here goes:


Size: 19x350 (heightxwidth)


basically, i'd like an animated userbar - one that changes from image to image. an example is here.


these are the different things i would like on it, in the order they appear - ignore the stuff in brackets, they are just comments:


1. bthaxor (some haxor-like background, be creative!)

2. true blue aussie (please, no aussie flags or anything! be creative, again)

3. hosted by Xisto

4. firefox lover

5. ubuntu user

6. wolfet maniac (game = wolfenstein: enemy territory)

7. ipod touch owner

8. jailbroken 1.1.4 (ipod touch)

9. adobe photoshop cs3 user

10. adobe flash cs3 user

11. ex-demonoid member

12. seeds his torrents

13. sony ericsson w300i user (phone)

14. skype me 24/7

15. loves the number 13


thanks so much if you can take this on!


edit: you may have noticed i currently have a userbar in my signature - that is just a temporary one while i wait for someone to take my request on :lol:

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