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Pop3 Email Supported? Trying to receive zzn.com email in my client

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at the moment I am running a test to offer visitors to my web site a free email address via zzz.com (ZZN Free Email).
This seems to work, however (the reason why I am asking here is because I cannot find satisfactory answers in their FAQs and support does not seem to get back to me), although it is advertised on their web site that you can receive your email in your email client rather than as webmail, it does not deem to work. I got in touch with support to ask if that was a service restricted to paid users only (nothing about that mentioned on their web site anywhere), but as I said, there was no reply.
They do tell you how to set your email client up, you have to use 'apop.zzn.com' as incoming server, and your zzn.com email address as username, and your usual zzn password.

I tried this in my email client (Barca 2), but there I keep getting a 'Socket error 10053' or the message 'Connection closed gracefully'..
I tried Outlook Express as well and, funnily enough, although I set my usual trap 17 email server as SMTP server, it sent (and sent successfully) through the apop smtp server, however, it would not receive email on the zzn address.
The message I got from Outlook Express was: 'Your password is being rejected@, and 'Server message: POP3 access is restricted for this member', but, if that is the case, why is it sending through their smtp server, and sending even though I did not set apop.zzn.com as smtp server?

I think the least they could do is clearly state if the POP3 access is restricted to paying members, and it would also be nice if they returned your questions for help from their support department.

However, coming back to my original question: could the fault be my end, or is it what I am suspecting?

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Okay, The SMTP Server of Xisto is sending mail cause SMTP's don't require the POP side to be ready to send mails . So you are not having any troubles in sending mails. But I think your account is not activated or something like that as a result you are not allowed to send mail.Dave

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Thank you for your reply, Dave.In the mean time I found out that only paid accounts get POP3 access.Why do they not mention that in their advertising?That is beyond me.

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