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Enchanted it might surprise you...

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... but this was not a very bad movie. My friend, who loves musicals and Disney movies and all that pink and fluffy stuff, watched the movie and absolutely fell in love with it. I didn't feel very encouraged to watch it after that... though the commercials for it where funny and had seemed as a decent comedic movie. But recently, I watched it and I was quite surprised. Of course, if you've seen other Disney movies, you will get quite a few nice references through out the movie. I personally loved how the cartoon at the start was a mix of The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Snow White, and a few more. The scenes especially. There are also many other references, especially to Snow white, which everyone knows, in the length of the movie. And as corny as it starts out to be, it is a nice emotional but funny kind of movie, that really gets you to like the characters. There is also quite some change in the main girl, (I forget her name now), and as much as her voice is ANNOYING... she becomes much more "human" and decent in terms of fairy tale cartoon characters. But it's not only that, its also about her discoveries and learning about life on a much deeper level. And the comedic part does not disappoint. It's really quite funny, the references and how naive the prince is, as well as the queen sometimes. And the songs... they are catchy! They are actually much better then some of the songs from the most recent Disney movies, that are really not so great anymore. So it was quite enjoyable, and it's not overdone, and they use this a comedic element to your advantage. So all in all, it was an enjoyable movie, if you want something light hearted and funny, and beautiful dresses and costumes, and a fairy tale ending :lol:

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