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What Should I Do?

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Sooo heres the story; my girlfriend and I went out for like 2 months and everything was going great. Her family kinda started getting involved in our relationship so we decided to take a break. Eventually we were gonna get back together. And i was bit upset over this break thing but we still hung out so it wasn't that bad. Occasional hookups too. It was as if me and her were dating secretly. Everyone thought we were broken up but we acted like bf and gf when we were together. Soo this lasted about a month and this past week everything changed. She wanted to talk to me about something for the past few days but we just didn't get a good chance. So yesterday we finally talked and she tells me how I'm different and she liked the old me before we went on this break better. And she says that there are things i do that make her not like me. Just to point it out i was kinda an *BLEEP* throughout most of the relationship but somehow we always manged to fix things up. We actually started fights with each other just so we could make up. But yeah, she feels the need to extend the break a little longer. I asked her why she never ends things with me completely if shes tired of all this but she didn't have an answer. Soo i thought things through and just listening to the way she talked yesterday i could tell our relationship was basically over. I told her it would be best for her if we ended our break and our relationship all together. And she asked me to stay friends with her cuz she didn't want to lose that. Now the problem here is, I'm gonna see this girl everyday and i feel as if I'll never be able to move on. I really want to end things for good and just forget about her BUT at the same time i don't want to lose a good friend over this. I just don't know what the right thing to do is.

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