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Php Pagination With Letters? A,B,C...

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How do people make categories like the ones on the musical portals that look like ABC. The user just click the letter and then he got the list of available songs for this artists, if you know, please, let me know as well.

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So, you mean in the table itself, I need create kind of alphabet (A-Z), then create PHP Code as well as Query, to show the songs I got from that letter.

Basically you should have a table named "artists," with at least three columns (to keep it simple): id, name, songs. We'll assume you know how to make a MySQL database, table, etc. The code provided by alex7h3pr0gr4m3r just searches the table column "name" for the specified syntax in that table. alex7h3pr0gr4m3r's code assumes that you would use the GET method for the pagination (which is common for things like this). In the page where you want the names that the MySQL query picked up, place that code in.

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