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Installing Apache And Php Need help?

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First of all you will need Apache httpd server.

Go to this link for download And then follow the images to help you.


1. Go to the link and scroll down to find this bit. Then download.

Posted Image


2. Continue through the process.


3. When it is completed the installation you may have found this in your start menu.

Posted Image


4. Go in to "Configure Apache Server" and click "Test Configuration"


5. If all goes well, ms dos should close within a second.


6. Now to install php.


7. Go to this link and follow the image.

Posted Image


8. Just click the installer as you will not need most of the functions.


9. Posted Image


10. Download and install it when prompted


11. Click on Apache 2.2.x server - That was the one you installed.

Posted Image


12. Click next and go to the apache config (follow image)

Posted Image


This path was not edited in anyway - So you can use that if you want.


13. Click next


14. The addons are ok as they are.


15. Click next again


16. And install.




Now your installation (was hopefully a success) is done, reboot your pc.




Oh first of all make sure your apache server is running by going to "Apache HTTP Server 2.2" in your start menu and click "Monitor Apache Servers".

If you already have an icon in your task bar then you wont need to do this.

On the icon make sure theres a Green Arrow saying "Running 1 of 1 apache servers." If not click on it and click start servers.


Ok now ill show you how to add files.


1. Go to "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2" and then go into htdocs. Now in here you can insert a file. HTML or PHP what ever.


2. Now in your browser just go to "localhost" or ""


Ok hope i helped <_< Comments welcome

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