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Awt Generalpath Curveto Kind of pixelated.

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I've been trying to make an applet to draw things, and I just started looking into it, and I realized with GeneralPath's curveTo function, it looks kind of pixelated. I'm not sure if it's the AWT image, or if it's the way curveTo works.I've tried drawing the curve to a bigger image, then drawing that image on a smaller image, and that didn't really help. It just used up more memory for no reason. Then I found this thing about anti-aliasing, and that didn't help.What I'm looking for is a way to make curves that are as smooth as the curves in Flash. It's just the edges that are pixelated, but I'm not sure how to fix it.I was going to ask my brother, because he knows a lot about programming and Java, but he hasn't come over in a long time and I'm getting tired of waiting for him :P If you can help, I'd appreciate it.

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