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Php Syntax Question

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this is an error i have dealt with for a long time and it doesn't really make much sense to me.

if i am parsing a string, and try to put an array variable in it, it returns an error

echo "This is a variable: $array['var']";
that will return an error.
I have tried to get around it by doing
but those just return different errors. I can get rid of the error by using this:
but it says right in the php manual that that is a no-no

the only two ways i know to escape are to assign the value to a string variable or to concatenate.
$var = $array['var'];echo "This is a variable: $var"
echo "This is a variable: " . $array['var'];

the first is rather cumbersome with large arrays, and the second is kind of messy the way i see it.
does anyone know how to get around this?

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I dont know what it's called but I came across it somewhere.. cant remember that either lol. anywhere here it is and this is what i use

echo"<span class='header'>Title</span> {$rs['title']}";

if I don't use the {} around the array/resource, it won't work. hope that helps ya out and if anyone can shed some light on its former name and use of the {} in this case, it would be appreciated.

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