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Advance Wars Ds: Days Of Ruin Whos played the AW series? I just finished AWDS playing sequal no

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This game is quite different from AWDS.Still very good though.>_>bI'm glad they finally improved Design Map Mode. Also, Lin is very attractive.Dusters are actually quite good, they almost equal fighters in anti-air capacities AND can attack (nearly ?) every other unit (though they only deal decent damage against infantry units) for a lower price than a fighter.Their mobility is quite great as well.Here are some things I hate about the sequal AW:Dawn of Ruin:1. The equality between COs takes away probably the one thing that made AW stand out against other war games, its more like a C&Q turn based strategy game. I like using COs that suited my style even if it was seemingly the opposite of what I should use for example I always favoured Grit instead of Drake on naval maps etc.2. Previous AW games relied on who adopted the better strategy and played off the computers weaknesses. This game however is always won by who has the most cash.3. Unbalanced AI, I have so far been attacked 4 times while my units were in forests with no enemy unit in sight, so i figure they got a second flare gun but no, I won by killing all their units and only 1 gun which was more or less within the first 5 turns.4. Spam-ability of the AI is beyond belief, if you get any where close to their Hq they pump out a bizillion mechs. Secondly if you produce even 1 air unit brace yourself for the largest accumulation of aa guns you have ever seen on 1 map.5. Level design, while most levels are ok in theory, in practice they are horrible. You are given at the most 2 factories that are in the most retarded locations or as far away from the enemy HQ as possible so that you have to have a long transport line which will get destroyed by a CO bomber or will get overpowered by mech swarms and result in a stalemate, unless you have more money as mentioned above.6. Bland COs, they are totally devoid of all character,7. MOST important, I like a WAR game not some stupid whack-a-mole kill off Stolos' experiments. I just want army on army not army on army+some stupid-gigantic-shooting-tower-plane thing. every other mission you have to hammer one of his 'toys'8. Over complication, especially with regards to naval combat,yes I realise that previous naval combat had its flaws however its ridiculously over complicated with too many units, (maybe arguable since I was not a big fan of naval combat)9. Defence took such a huge nerf in this game its not even worth the bother of actively attacking from woods or cities out side of FOW because you gain barely any advantage. everything is too strong attacking which leads to less strategic placement and more of who rushes who first.DISCLAIMERThis game IS fun. I will not deny that fact, but It remains that I feel they have strayed from what was a winning formula and its hasn't turned out all that well in comparison. The AI is smarter which is good and the story is arguably better, and there are not a million and one COs which gives you more time to know them (also bad because they are so bland)The developers deserve a lot of credit its a well made game without bugs (maybe FOW) just a little too different for my tastes.There's some story in here. Not as much as Fire Emblem, but more than previous AW games. My only gripe is that there was a LOT that they didn't go deep into. For example, Isabella hardly gets any characterization or development with Will. So yeah, I just wish it were longer, but considering it isn't an SRPG, it's still fine.God I wish lash would be in every AW game :PHow do I edit the title to say:I just finished AWDS, playing the sequel now*

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