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Did You All Ever Buy Game Currency Before ?

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I did once, it's not really a 'game', but it was for a social networking site, and pretty much the same concept with rpg, where I had to 'buy' clothes and stuff for your avatar. I'm not impressed with myself for this, because I soon lost interest, and I consider it a waste of money. I can understand why people would do it though. Sometimes you get really addicted to a game and you are really curious and interested to see what are the vip stuff you can use to improve your game experience, and you want the best of everything.

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I actually did buy virtual money for a social type site called IMVU and honestly it was worth it, it wasn't much Real Life cash and I had (and still have) the opportunity to make the money back with extra because I create 3D graphics which I sell on there. If it is worth it all depends on where you do it and what you do with it and how willing you are to stick to it. Think of it as an investment like any other, what will you get from it?If your the kind of person who flits around a lot then i suggest you make sure you are going to stay with it b4 u plop cash down for it.But it all depends on you.Oh also make sure that if its an actual game like World of Warcraft or something that you are not breaking their rules, most games do not allow trading actual money for in game stuff.

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NO!!! I think its a waste of money... especially for something such as Habbo Hotel...Although... I mean, if its an online game or something... I may consider it but... it would actually have to be worth it... and I mean WORTH it...

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I am agreement I think online cash is the most useless thing ever, and I have seen a whole bunch of websites who sell online currency. I have to say this though if your spending hundreds of dollars to get fake cash give me your money and I can spend it on more useless stuff that I can actually enjoy.

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Yes, i did. because i dont wan to waste my time to hunt for a item or gold.I had been told by my good friend said that \"offgamers.com\" website provided the good service and is the prices are most cheapest and safe. and i bought from them few time. The service is quite good. I had been cheat by other for few times, so i wont change to buy from other anymore.

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I never bought game currency myself, I think that it is a waste of money, but I know alot of people who did.I was a guildleader of a hardcore raidingguild in WoW, we raided 6 days a week and 4+ hours a night. We needed alot of potions and buffs every night, which costs alot of gold. Since alot of people in the guild are 20+ and working, they dont have the time to farm, so they buy to gold to be able to raid. They say: i rather work and earn 20US$+ a day and buy enough gold to last a month then farm for hours a day to raid. It sounds logical..... And there are alot of people in other guilds on different realm who do the same. They buy game currency to be able to play the game that they are addicted to, so it doesnt sound so useless.In another MMORPG i played, people pay 100US$ to buy a weapon which has a 0.001% dropchance of some mob you spend 3-5 minutes killing, I thought they were crazy paying so much for pixels but else you need to be very lucky of very patient spending hours/days/weeks/months killing mobs.I think buying "pixels" ain't totaly useless, it depends on what people are willing to prioritize.

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I jsut got bored and went to offgamers.com and went to talk to one of their customer service reps to ask them if their service was actually against the TOS and EULA for some of the games they offer their services for.


If you read the TOS and EULA for games like World of Warcraft, Gaia Online, FinalFantasy XI, Everquest 2 (All of these are offered by them) and other popular online games it is strictly aginst the rules to sell in game items, gold or other things for real life money.


The following is the unedited conversation: (my name is John Smith)


[John Smith] Isn't exchanging these services like gold or items or power leveling for real life cash against most of these game's TOS or EULA?

[yazid] Hello, thank you for contacting OffGamers live support.

[yazid] Well as for your question we actually provide a service where we have a group of players to play ones character to have what they desire in a shorter period compared to playing it alone

[John Smith] yes but inst it illegal? (or at the least could get you banned from the game)

[John Smith] i understand WHY you do it but thats not what i wanted to ask

[John Smith] and so you have not answered my question but answered a question i never asked and in fact already knew the answer to.

[yazid] So far we have no issues with getting banned or so by exchanging all those services

[John Smith] but isn't it still against the TOS and EULA of some of those games?

[John Smith] What you just said there is well we haven't gotten caught

[John Smith] Please answer my question

[yazid] Well if you want better answers to your questions you can read the disclaimer here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

or email legal@offgamers.com


[John Smith] I have read that stuff, I am asking you straight up wither it is against the EULA and TOS of some of the games on your list to offer services like you are offering.

[John Smith] And it seems like you are both giving me a run around and reading scripted answers.

[John Smith] Both of which look bad on your company.

[John Smith] Can you please just answer my question?

[yazid] Well like I said if you want better legal answers you have to email legal@offgamers.com . It will be more official than chatting here as I am only in the customer service department and your questions are for our legal department

[John Smith] I never asked for LEGAL answers. I asked if it is true that your services might be against the TOS and EULA of some of the games you offer said services to.

[John Smith] I mean wouldn't it be irresponsible to have a service that breaks the TOS and EULA without informing people that it could end up with their characters destroyed, their accounts gone, their IP banned and them being out money given to both you guys and the monthly cost for playing the games?

[John Smith] So I simply want a str8 answer

[John Smith] You see I refuse to deal with a company that pretty much lies to me by covering up the truth.

[John Smith] Can you give me an answer please.

[yazid] What are the lies that you are referring to as we have customers paying us to level up their characters to be at a higher level in the game. So does that mean that your boss who asks you to work for him to go up in business means that it's illegal as well?

[John Smith] well it would be if you signed a contract saying you wouldn't do such things

[yazid] Well the thing is fairly simple. If you need more information on TOS and EULA of games and our services email legal@offgamers.com

[yazid] If you wanna place an order I can help you out here

[John Smith] I told you, i refuse to deal with companies that can not be str8 up with me. If you would like my business then answer my question without giving me a run around.

[John Smith] so are you going to give me a str8 answer or just waste both of our time?

[John Smith] well?

[John Smith] hello? did you die?

[yazid] I informed the management. They will get back to you on this matter. Is there anything else that I can help you with?

[John Smith] well if you are not up to answering my question then no

[yazid] Thank you for visiting OffGamers.

At OffGamers, our mission statement is simple and clear. Our mission is to make OffGamersthe home page for all gamers. And you, our customer, can be a part of it. Should you feel that our service has been satisfactory, please do us a favor by making https://www.offgamers.com/ your home page. Thank you once again for contacting OffGamers support. Please feel free to contact us again if you have further enquiries. Happy Gaming!


Note : Should you find that your visit was less than satisfactory please e-mail us at welisten@offgamers.com and we will work to resolve any issues that you may have.

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