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Saint Michael Meet's The Spartans

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Well here is the first movie of the year that won't be spoiler free since its a spoof of the other movies. Although this has to be the world shortest movie, 70 minutes (Epic Movie was a bit longer then this), it was still a funny movie since they worked everything into the 300 movie. Sadly they lied in the trailer and the Rambo and the trump scenes are not in the movie although I know where they might been place, and so odds are that they will be deleted scenes in the DVD or in the DVD release itself.As for recommendation I would say if you have nothing else better to do or need a good laugh then go to it.Box office predictions I would put it at least $15-$20 Million tops through its run as most of us know movie spoofs don't make that much money and with the movies its going against I would say it could be lower. Especially since they got another one of those lame dance off movies, and really who smart idea was it to create a whole bunch of those? I want to smack that guy because really the first couple were ok, but still if see a Dance Dance Revolution movie I think I will go postal.Rating:It was a more organized spoof and didn't jump to much around like Epic movie so I give it a 6/10, just because it was still as funny.PreviewsJumper (AGAIN!!)

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