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Adobe Solution Needed Leaving links out of Acrobat 8 documents

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I would like to appeal to people who have a working understanding of Adobe Acrobat 8.Adobe has great software, though it is all very difficult to use and not the most user friendly stuff around.The help files are not exactly helpful neither.What I would like to know is:When I use Acrobat 8 to create a PDF file, either using a web site as source or a HTML document that resides on my hard drive, I always have the problem that, in case of a web site as source, every page of the PDF file shows the URL of the web site the PDF was created from, and it also shows the date and time the PDF document was created.(See attached file WWWPDF.jpg for example). In case of a file from my hard drive, it always shows the path where the source file is, and also the date and time of creation.This happens, regardless of the fact whether I create it from the Adobe plug-in in my browser or other programs, or whether I print and use Adobe PDF as my chosen printer.I have also tried changing all sorts of settings in Acrobat, and typed all sorts of search criteria into the help file, all to no avail. I can get those annoying lines out by editing the document afterwards and erasing all those lines, but if it is a long document, that is obviously time consuming.I also feel that should not be necessary as the printing of those lines could probably be avoided (If only I knew how it is to be done).Is there anyone here who has had a similar problem, and even more important, know a solution to it?Any help will be very much appreciated.


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