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What Is The Most Romantic Experience You've Had So Far? i would love to hear your romantic stories

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My love life back then had alot of romance.. now all the romance is starting to fade out of my life.Very depressing.. i would like to hear others romantic stories though so i can read them and say awwwwwww .. I guess the most romantic time for me .. was when my current boyfriend tried to tell me that he had always had feelings for me..We were at Mount Cooper.. and he was standing behind me.. hugging me and then told me a story.. and he said"there was always this one girl , she was always there for me .. and once we were apart i couldnt stop thinking about her and the way she made me feel, no matter how many girls i dated it was only to forget her because i thought it was too late, but then i thought i can't say that until i really try so now im just waiting for the right moment to tell her that i love her and i want her in my life"that night was the best night of my life.. the night was nice, the breeze was cool, it was just a great moment.. and we were only seeing each other at the time.now the romance is almost completely gone.. :)so tell me your romantic stories :)

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Oh, hi. I think I also found your other thread. So, the romance is gone, hm?


I guess my most romantic experience was a one-week love affair.


There's this guy who's been a contact on a local social networking site for over three years. During that time, we know virtually nothing about each other apart from the fact that we're both gay, liked yaoi and are single. That and the usual ASL. He doesn't usually go online, which makes it harder for us to communicate. Well, to begin with, we don't have much to talk about since we are, for all intents and purposes, complete strangers.


One spring day, he came online and, as luck would have it, we both had some free time. I hinted that maybe it's high time we finally met offline. It was unspoken but we're both aware that both of us were single, available, looking and, specifically, prospecting each other as potential life partners.


We watched a movie, had dinner together, strolled together and he invited me to his dorm. Nothing (sexually speaking) happened between us back then but we had a chance to chat with each other, offline, and learn more about each other. Before I left, we shared a (long and torrid) kiss.


The week that followed saw us getting to know each other more. I guess the most romantic time I've ever been through went like this:


Him: So, have you ever been in love before?

Me: Ah, it's kinda complicated, actually.

Him: Oh? How come?

Me: Well, I fell in love with my best friend... <insert a long story here> ...but when I finally confessed to him, he turned out to be straight. Absolutely straight.

Him: So how were things after that?

Me: Well, there was an awkward silence between us for about a month but, pretty soon, things went back to normal, only, he knew I liked him more than as a friend.

Him: Do you still like him?

Me: I loved him, actually. I still do... although, now, I've stopped expecting he'd return my feelings for him. Generally, I'm just content to love him without wanting him for myself. Pretty messed up, huh?

Him: What would you do if he, uh, turned gay or said he wanted you?

Me: Heheh, that'd never happen, god forbid it does.

Him: But what if god grants he does?

<insert pensive silence here>

Me: I dunno. I guess I would be more shocked than happy. After all, I have given up hope on him already. Still, I hope it doesn't happen, especially now that I'm dating you.

<insert pregnant pause here>

Him: If that happens, I'm gonna give you to him. Not because I don't love you but because I know that, in your heart, there's still a place for him, even if you don't recognize it yourself.


I don't wanna bother posting what happened in that one-week romantic roller coaster. It didn't work out, to be sure, but I do consider it to be the most romantic experience in my life. That someone would actually step aside for a love that's not meant for them... I mean, I've never expected to be the recipient of such a thoughtful gesture. It really warmed my heart :)

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awwwwwwwwwwwww [salamangkero] thats such a sweet story^^ yeah my romance has gone down quite alot i guess....... stay home alotEven when people are selling roses... he'd ask me if i want one.. lol where is the the suprise in that?lol oh wells. i still love him.. jst sometimes i love seeing other couples together. they are so sweet. reminds me of my romantic life back then :)

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