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American Gangster

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AMERICAN GANGSTERWork at gangster's movies can be very dangerous given the illustrious history and the even more illustrious predecessors. Although it is another sacred monster of contemporary cinema as Ridley Scott. The English director not resist the temptation and it exploits the scene by Frank Lucas, a black province transplanted to Harlem, which in the'70s became the biggest drug trafficker in New York, supplanting the primacy of the "families" that until then had the absolute dominion on illegal traffic. Frank's philosophy was simple and successful: selling drugs in the middle of the best price. And he goes far in Viet-Nam to buy low priced huge quantities of heroin. On the other side of the fence, to counter he in his activities, there is Richie Roberts, a policeman as obstinate ready to everyone while to carry out his mission. Following the footsteps of other great storytellers of mafia film(Coppola and Scorsese at all) in "American Gangster" is favored ethics on the plot and written by Steven Zellian ( "Shindler's List", "Hannibal") is addressed on the methods and motivations of the characters protagonists of the film, describing us their psychological profiles focusing their delusions, fears, frustrations and tic. To tell the true story of Frank Scott and Richie Roberts, and to grasp the nuances more stowed, and then, Scott relies on two players from the great people like Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe (with which the English director turns his third film) , which can characterize their characters with skill and acumen. Frank is smart, shrewd, careful not to commit the slightest mistake, ambitious and taut with himself to the redemption from a life of poverty . Equipped with a strong sense of family (but what Mafia is not?), is capable of establishing profitable relationships with anyone. Richie is sloppy , isolated from his colleagues, unable to engage in a relationship. The comparison between the two, who would not know for three quarters of the film, is probably the best of the work. Merged by a stubborn character and pervicace, the synthesis of their personalities then represent the final solution of their events. Having said that, however, one can not help but feel silenced "already seen" (little or nothing adds to what already knew how to live a malavitoso and what is its purpose nine times out of ten), but above all we love "Those good guys," he lacks the poetry of that sauce prepared in a cell in a prison ol'epopea enclosed in a bar sussurrata in the dim light of a study elegantly furnished and could depend on the content of the life of a man.

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