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ok i need a script that will allow people to change the font size of the page just by clicking on an image. like if i had 3 images, a plus, a minus, and one that said reset. if they clicked on the plus the size would go up. visa versa if they clicked on the minus the size would go down. and if they clicked on the reset it would go back to normal size.if some one knows how to do this or where i can find a script for this that would be great.

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You are wanting a link with the image being the link and using functions to change the font. I do not know the exact functions, but I can show you how to use the link.

<a href="java script:function1()"><img src="up.gif"></a> <a href="java script:function2()"><img src="reset.gif"></a> <a href="java script:function3()"><img src="down.gif"></a>

Something like that should give you the functionality of the buttons. Of course the image path and the function names should be changed to suit your needs.
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