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Well woman is the topic that has been in discussion from the centuries upto now in the history of the earth. During this period many of the people talked about freedom of woman, subjugation of woman, and mentality of men towards woman.But still i dont think that every person on earth is aware of the rights and the meaning of freedome of woman. and are the women really free in today's world? I think this is the important topic that one should at ponder over atleast once. Women are not only problem of concern in east but in west as well.Though it is true that in east the percentage of subjugation of rights is major but that doesn't mean the west is giving woman all the rights to woman. I have never been in europien countries but still what i know is, there is terrible cold environment in west and still woman are made to roam skirts, that is also a kind of force on them and their delicate body not compatible for the environment.I know many will dis agree with this. Women are made to work, along with all the responsiblity of home, under the name of freedom and libralisation.That is also subjugation.The ration of rape in the west shows how much secure the western women is. Can we really say women are free completely there? well ofcourse not.And not only the west but the east to has got the same problem, may be the crimes are taking place in different forms,but result is the same.In east, in country like india still people burn and burry women alive.Though india is next to super power. I guess about women, men have always either completely misunderstood the concept or understood partially and did the same subjugation in different forms under the name of liberalisation and freedom.In this, even women themselves failed to understand the meaning of freedom.So what we need is a united education and debate system regarding women all over the world. Otherwise the situation,probelm and world is not going to change.Is anybody, specially women willing to add something to my opinion?

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