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Gaining Total Control A program change question

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Hi,I don't know whether there are any people here who know Cubase/Nuendo, the question is not software specific, but it might have a particular kind of solution in those programs.It is about sending a Program change, normally, on any given track, you send a program change, and, if you want to use a different instrument later in the song, you send another Pr. Ch. with another number.However, I use a virtual instrument called MyOrgan, which works like a real pipe organ.You have to use one certain MIDI channel for a manual, another channel for another manual, and a different one for the pedalboard.Now, every single manual and the pedalboard all have a number of different stops (sounds), which all have their own PC number.Unlike a normal MIDI track, where you use 1 instrument per channel, you combine those stops and use certain combinations.This works in Cubase/Nuendo by setting the numbers of the stops you need in the List Editor.But now, the question is, what if all of a sudden, you want to change your combination by switching off one of your stops and keeping all the others active?In other words, how do you switch a PC number off?This is the tricky one, as normally you only have to use a different number to start using a different instrument, but how do you do the one above.Sorry, it might be explained in a sort of semi Chinese, but it is a bit of a tricky one to express.Any help will be much appreciated.

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