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I have some best bookmarks for you, compiled during my research for websites in Web Development, Education, E-books, etc. I have divided the bookmarks into 3 categories:

1) Bookmarks collected by me.

2) Bookmarks from Opera. For people with other browsers.

3) PC Magazine’s 2007 Top 100 Classics and Top 100 Undiscovered.


Intended Users: The bookmarks collected by me are specially for Students (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology), Web Development Learners (PHP, Content Management Systems, Web tools), Personal Websites hosted by individuals, free E-Books.

I liked the PC Magazine’s 2007 top 100 Undiscovered. It really has some nice links. You may just wonder why were they hidden?


Download Bookmarks:

1) For Opera users: All the bookmarks are available as a single file for importing it into Opera browser here:


2) For Other Browser Users: Users of other browsers can download the html file containing all the bookmarks here:


Internet Explorer Users: After downloading the above html file. Go through “File” > “Import and Export…” and import favourites by selecting the html file downloaded above.


The list is really loooooong…


Hope you enjoy surfing the links in your spare time.

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