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Things To Do In Belgium Travel Tips

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Belgium is one of my favorite places to visit. As a tourist, here are 6 things which I feel are must-dos in Belgium.1. Get there by train.Belgium has a very tiny airport, so it's best that you arrive by train at the Central Station, which was built in the 19th century. You can take the train from any major European city like London or Paris and it'll take you right into the city centre. It's quite romantic, it's cheaper than flying, and it's the most efficient way of seeing Europe because each city is just 200 to 300km away. It costs about 82 euros for a Paris-Antwerp adult ticket.2. Check out The Diamond DistrictDiamonds have been cut and traded there for several centuries. You can get great deals for jewellery and diamonds. It's also one of the few places in Europe where you can see orthodox Jews. You'll hear Yiddish, a kind of German-Polish dialect, on the streets. There's plenty of Jewish food like falafel, a wrap with tomatoes and other vegetables. One restaurant I'd recommend is Benny Falafel Restaurant. The Diamond District is next to Central Station.3. Savour mussels with Belgian fries and beer.In summer, you must visit Maritime For Mussels, a restaurant in the old part of the city, for seafood and mussels. The latter are cooked in boiling water with lots of onions. On a hot day, you should have them with a cold beer and Belgian fries, and relax on the terrace. Order the local beer, De Konick, which is a very dark and strong beer. The restaurant is in Suikerrieu.4. Don't haggleBargaining is a no-no, it's not part of the culture. The price you see is always the price you pay, except when you're buying jewellery, and even then I don't recommend it.5. Travel in style in a horse-pulled carriageAn interesting way to tour the old part of the city is to take these carriages. Carriagemen dressed in suits and top hats will take you on 10- to 25-minute rides, and give you a sense of what mediaeval Antwerp was like. The smaller carriages seat three to four people, while the larger ones seat up to 10. It costs 13 to 23 euros per carriage, depending on size of carriage and length of ride. There will be carriages leaving from Grote Market daily.6. People-watch at a cafeThere is a real cafe culture in Antwerp, and you can just sit by the sidewalk, have a cappuccino or caffe latte, and people-watch. The gentleman serving you will usually be dressed in a bowtie, white shirt and black trousers. So just take your time and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

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