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Making A Song In Fruity Loops Part Three part three precusion

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ok part three now which covers the precusions setup of the small song i built for this tutorial.


the nesecery files can be downloaded here


the image below is included in the precusions folder as it mught not be entierly visable within this post so shold you need it its there

also the images purpose is to enable you to see what i am refering to within this tutorial lateron.


Posted Image


now what i have done above is blackd out every pattern that has nothing to do with the precusion.


so the patterns displayed in light grey are the only patterns i will be refering to. ok lets beggin,


as this isnt a full song i devoted alot of precusion to the star of the song, i have made it in a way as to bring itself into the main mellody with a bang so to speak.


so if you refer to the image you will see the layout of the songs in its entiery.(thats what it will look like when we have compleate all the tutorial parts.)


so looking at the image you can see i have named the precusion sections acordingly so that whan i refer to them in this tutorial you will hopefully inderstand what im gooing on about. annyway looking at the image you can see that to start the precusion sequens you begin with a revercd cymble.


1. a revercd cymble is exactly what it sounds like a cymble that has bin reversd to give a slideing efect to itself.

2.a reversd cymble useually comes acompanyd by anouther cymble but not a reversd one i will exsplane shortly.


next after the revercd symble you will see a line down and directly after the reversd cymble you have a crash cymble.


1.a crash cymble is a cymble hit hard and allowd to sound aloud createing a bang efect.

2.a crash cymble is useually acoumpanyd by a reversd cymble but the rev cymble being befour the crash cymble i will exsplane shortly.


next as we are going down the page from top to bottom we hav an empty pattern calld, now the reason for this is that although the pattern looks empty it actually isnt. the sample that is set to this pattern is not used directly to the pattern it is set to like the outhers it insted is used below in what i refer to as the wave feild. the sample is referd to in the image as haveing a red circle on it. look to the bottom of the image.


now the reason i have put this sample in there and not in the useuall place of the playlist as are all the outhers is that by putting anny particular sample in the wave feild gives you a greater range of editability in wave form.


wave form is a form that insted of being like the outhers note for note is like a wave of the samples you have just created.


the sample used here for this method is what i refer to as a snare rollin. to create a snare rollin all you have to do is


use a sample of a snare drumb and in the piano roll (you can aquier the piano roll via rite clicking the sample when it is on the samples paller and selecting piano roll.)


now take a look at this image if to small download this one


Posted Image


what you are looking at is the pianoroll i have highlited and labled all the nessecery compontets which i will be refering to so that you will hopefully understand what i am talking about.


step 1. notice the blue highlited area has numbers in it thos numbers can be thaugh of as your beat count.

for everyone of those numbers there is 4 beats. so inturn you have to past in your piano roll the snare notes as it looks in the picture.


this will create thesnare rollin.


stpe 2. insted of placeing the snare roll in inside of the playlist window as are the outhers after goingin inside of the piano roll just simply click the same area inside the wave feild as shown in the 1st image on this page and you will have a snare rollin pasted there.


next looking at the echo kick this is placed undernethe the second cymcrash in the playlist.it is simply a strong kick that has depth put through and echo efect (i will rite a tutorial on efects soon)


now next is the rythem hats this is simply a sample set of hats pasted into the pianoroll on that pattern in the playlist you can download them from alot of places.


next is the 1'st kick set now this kick set runs for 8 lenghts of the pianoroll so it starts at number one and ends at number 8. you can create the 1'st kick set with at the 7th numbeer stoping and just b4 you end it createing a rucus litrely inside that pianoroll number to create a small kick roll in. (rukus = mess)


next is the claps now simple to setup all you need to remember is for every two kicks there is one clap so for example


kick  kick  kick  kick  kick  kick  kick  kick  		clap		  clap		 clap		  clap

lastly there is the 2'nd kick set this set just runns the kick through with no breaks in it so it is just kicks continuously for the lenght of 8 numbers in the piano roll.


well thats about it for htis tutorial all you do need to remember is that for eveything you bring into the song it is allways good to bring it in with a revcymble to crashcymble.


please take the time to answer the poll as it will help me improve my tutorials for you.

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