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Reaon-sony Acid-orion Or Fruity Loops which do you prefer and which benifits the upto date producer

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OK youve all heard about how manny bits of software are out there for making music rite, i meen youhave orion i havnt heard much about that as it

apparently seams to be a low end product


thers reason definatly a high end product


thers sony acid pro anouther high ender


and theres fruity loops around midway id say


but thats not all there are loads of programs that allow you to create music the question is do you use these programs and if so what one.


i personally use fruity loops as it has a wide veriety of plugins wich enables the user to be as creative as possible but

i want to no what the benifits of the outher softwares are and does anny particular produce outway the outher.


the topics are



plugin instalation


how easy it is to just jum in and get started

can it be to confusing


what it comes with if annything

can it be added to by exspantion packs

how you edit the music you make

the reason i ask this is because all these music making software come at a rather exstortionat price and so if you were beggining to take an intrest in all this

you wouldent wan to go out and buy sonething if you never new what you were buying and if you dont no wether it has what you need.

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I've only messed around with Reason and FL Studio. Reason seems to be more for Midi keyboards and the like. Although, Reason has similar features to that of FL Studio, but the user interface isn't as good as FL Studio. I can't remember which one or if it were both, but either Reason or FL Studio can use the other as a plug-in. With FL Studio i understood the layout quicker than i did in Reason. The main reason on why i managed to understand Reason's interface pretty quick was because of my experience with Fruity Loops. I've been using Fruity Loops since version 3, and i think i've messed around with Reason 3. Reason is a pretty powerful program itself, but i prefer FL Studio over it.

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