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Free Access To Mysql Database Converter Free Access to MySQL Database Converter

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DB2MYSQL Converter is a totally free software that will convert Microsoft Access Databases to MySQL. Its easy fast and accurate MS Access to MySQL Database Converter easily converts database records of Microsoft MS Access databases to MySQL server.
DB2MYSQL is very easy to use, just follow the simple screens and let the program automatically do all the work for you. We use a very fast conversion algorithm to provide you with the best possible performance level.

Its Features include: Supports common MySQL data types and attributes. Supports common MS Access column data types and attributes. Works with all versions of MySQL servers running all platforms. Works with MS Access 97, 2000 and XP. Create a dump file. Select tables to transfer. Easy install, uninstall and upgrade.


Does not convert forms, queries, reports and Visual Basic scripts
Does not convert system (hidden) tables

At least 32 MB RAM
MS Access 7.0 or higher (ODBC is not required)
Necessary privileges to write into the destination database
MySQL dump file

Access-to-MySQL converter allows users to do indirect conversion and get more control over the process. Following this way, the program converts MS Access data into a local MySQL dump file instead of moving it to MySQL server directly. This dump file contains MySQL statements to create all tables and to fill them with the data. Click here to learn how to import dump file into MySQL database.


DB2MYSQL Converter is totally free with no limited features.


Click here to download totally free version of Access-to-MySQL converter.


After downloading the zip program you should simply unzip it and run the db2mysql program.

FROM: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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I haven't got Microsoft Access so I can't convert anything, although I must admit that MySQL is probably the best database system to use, especially if you integrate it with PHP.

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