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Favorite Video Games Characters From the old NES to the new Xbox360 and PS3

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I remember playing the old Zelda games on the NES system and Link was little more then a 8-bit dot with big ears and a green hat. It really didnt have much of a story plot to it and the characters weren't really in depth, but it was still fun to play. As the gaming world advanced, graphics got better and game system held more memory. This gave me a new respect for gaming because Link had a personally, life like and believable. Metal gear was also one of my favorites. In the old nes game I really didn't care if I die, it was like "ok whatever Im dead" but in the PS1 version Metal Gear Solid. If I died a couple of time but I got heated I almost took it personal. Think about it when you die do you say "Link just died" or "Snake really got messed up" probably not it dont even sound right, when your character dies you say "BLEEP!! I'm BLEEPING Dead!!!! @%#!" :P I think its because has gaming advanced it gave room for us to connect to the characters we play. Seriously who hasn't threw there controller on the floor a few time because they couldn't beat a level or stage. BUT ANYWAY MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTOR ARE#1 LINK AND SOLIDSNAKE<<<<<<<<<TO CLOSE TO CALL SO THERE BOTH MY NUMBER 1 #2 MARIO <<<<<WHO DOESNT LOVE THIS FAT LITTLE ITALIAN GUYWHO'S YOUR FAVORITE?

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