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Why I Appreciate Being With My Bf, ( A Long Love Story) Lol since everyone is writing their own, its MY TURN , lol but mine wi

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Hey , everyones writing a love story, it was hard for me to get with my bf, we've been together for 3 years now and still going, so i thought man shouldnt i make my story into a movie, cause mine has alot of drama, lol mayb when you guys read this you guys can tell me if you think i should make it into a movie haha. Prepare to read a long story thats if u want to :POtherwise thanks for dropping by anyways, i just want to get it out of me and usually im lazy to write a whole script so mayb writing it here will start me offHERE GOES:I was in year 8 , 2002 , I'm Walking into highschool , say hi to my friends and all.. i go to class, and then there its recess.So Im outside with my friends, and then a bunch of guys walk past where we sit down to eat , some reason though there was a guy that walked infront of all of them, he was also out of uniform, The way he walked pissed me off , the way he looked pissed me off, i guess cause he looked so cocky, I was like to my friend i wonder who da hell that is, and She was like "thats Leon , his in year 11 everyone knows him."So i said " Oh really, he looks like a jerk" .. and she goes i got his email, and then she gave it to me, at the time i didnt know why, i guess its the silly things you do at the time. And i took it anyway and added him on Msn. I didn't go on the internet all the time back then, So when i did go on i saw him on a random day. I said Hi and said i go to the same school as you..He responded " Oh thats great , i love chatting to people from our school" okay so from him saying that i started liking him more like i didnt think he was a jerk.So we got to know each other, we kept chatting prob for like a month or so.. at the time he had a girlfriend. Then he asked me to be his godsister! I guess in those days you tend to do those sort of things lol. So im like yeah sure, but who knew id start liking him. So we'd call each other every day to talk, and his gf found out, but she didnt accept how much i meant to him. He told her off for being jealous and she didnt stop so he broke up with her. ( i did feel bad for a while though) but then i thought yay now his single. Because yeah i grew to like him alot. But i guess i didn't know it at the time.Gradually i heard rumors about him having another girlfriend but i didnt know if it was true, the funny thing was i felt pain when i heard about it. I straight away went and asked him and he said no.. i felt like he was lying then next thing you know they were holding hands walking around the school, she was in the same year level as me. She "was" a friend! So i called him that night and asked him why he lied to me .. apparently he said " I didnt lie, it wasn't official until today"I seriously didnt know it would hurt me so bad. But i couldn't do anything about it but congradulate him, so after that we talked normally .. i still meant alot to him though i was always shy around him. And he always wanted to intro me to his friends! (that was so sweet)Okay so , we spoke on the phone still but not as much seeing how he had a gf and he was too busy with her , but after school he comes to our lockers to walk home with her, so everytime he comes i tell him i want a hug , so he waits for me.. One day i auditioned for school production and got in but she didnt.He was happy for me though , and he promised he'll come to watch the show, and he was away for a while before the show was on. so i thought he wasn't gona go because he wasnt at school to buy the tickets. I was angry and sent him a email ( i was quite mean) .. anyways he called me that night and told me he asked his friend to buy a ticket for him.. i was so embarassed lol. (very close to front row tickets) lol Anyways so that night he came, gosh he was so hot, the way he dressed ! lol .. i was doing my makeup. and i was in the first outfit. the first dance had to be in PJS, my friends saw him outside waiting to see me before the show so they called me .. they came in and said " ann ann leons outside waiting for you" it was so cute how they did that. they were even more excited then me. And then I came out , i was kinda embarass cause i was in the PJ outfit. but he gave me a hug and we spoke abit before the show.blah blah skip skip skip... during the breaks of the show we took photos, my friends took photos for me :) and there was one where i sat on his lap.. i dont remember how that happened. The girls thought it was cute!skip skip skip... The show was over, me and him went to the school oval and sat there. we layed on the oval after that and it was really cold so he took his jacket off and put it over us like a blanket, he moved closer to me so we were warm, i was shorter then him so my lips were near his neck and i kept breathing out warm air, and he said i make him so warm. :PAfter that night .. i thought to myself " im inlove with him" .. i guess at the time i couldnt tell him cause he had a gf.. but i spent my whole week crying .. i'd hide in the bathroom at home crying because i didnt want my parents to see. Then a few nights after that i drank abit of beer, and at the time i was tipsy easily and at the same time i was crying my heart out because it was so painful.. So i called him up.. and i said i got something to tell you.. then i said " i think im inlove with you" he was totally speechless. I dont remember what i said after that .. but we hanged up and i kept crying .we didnt talk after that. until abt 3 nights later .. my phone rang and i was at my uncles party, my friend was there so i was talking about how upset i was .. then my phone rings and it was him. I was so excited , even my friend was happy for me. then they were sitting there listening to me talk... He called me and said " Remember how you told me you love me " and i was like yeah? and then he goes " well i can't deny it but i love you too" and he was telling me how he didnt want anyone to say bad stuff about me. and how his scared cause he didnt know what to do.few days later he came looking for me to give me photos but i wasn't around at school so he gave it to a friend to hand it over to me. they looked at the photo before i did and when they saw me.. they said we looked like a couple. so sweet of them ... but they said it infront of his gf too at the time. they laughed and said " they make a better couple then you and him" lol kinda tite but sweet!skip skip skip .. she got jealous ... cause he took photos with me... waits for me at the lockers and tell her to go first cause he wants to hug me..And then me and her had arguments, then she did bad things to me.. like start rumours and cause trouble by using my name to swear at people on the internet. So one day me and him and her was at the front of our school. and we had a bad argument. i told her off. and told leon what she did. and i go why da hell she crying for. and he goes her mums pregnant. i just said " WTH thats not something to cry about dont BS"so yeah after that i go look if you dont believe me then fine dont even talk to me " and i left.." all her friends which is also my friends .. followed me and comfort me. I guess they were on my side which i appreciate it ALOT! I remember all his friends leaning against the fence to listen to our fight LOl that was funny. it was total drama that was known by almost the whole school!After that we didnt talk for a few days, then she came up and said sorry to me. and he made her.. blah blah... then she got jealous again. and then they kept dating and i was out of the picture... i was so hurt when he chose to stay with her. then they broke up then got back together. (happened alot) OKAY I THINK THIS IS GETTIN TOO LONG...to simplify the ending. i made cuts on my arms throughout the first few months, i took heaps of pills, i always fell off the stairs at highschool from all the pills. i cried everynight. i was totally depressed. it hurt real bad. then after them dating for about a yr they broke up.. then in Year 10 i had a bf.. then Leon comes to me and says sorry for all the things .. blah blah.. then a tragic thing happened that apparently was blamed on me once again.. he came to school to tell me off then we had a fight again so we didnt talk for a few months. then one day he emailed everyone saying he was gona block and delete everyone on his msn that he doesnt chat to or keep in contact nemore. and then i wrote an email back saying yeah just delete me its okay... then he goes im only sending a mass email, im not blocking you.And i said okay. from that we kept emailing each other. i told him off for jumping in and out of my life. and how painful it was. then he started calling me again .. so we talked on the phone here and there. then one day he said "come autosalon with me" and i said go with ur friends i probably wont be able to go" and then he said nah if you dont go then im not going... i guess it meant something when he said that... so yeah we went.. then my bf saw me there with Leon's arms around me.. thought i was cheating on him. because i was being pushed by other people cause it was so packed with people. And then he broke up with me on that day.. after that we didnt get back together.. so me and Leon still hung out..then he asked me if i would be his gf. but at the time i was still inlove with my ex so i didnt say anything. after a few weeks my feeling came back for leon. i guess he was always in my mind. then on a certain day.. we had a fight... well just a small argument. but then that night we made up by talking it out... and then he starred into my eyes..and i starred back and he leaned over to me.. and we kissed. and from then on I was his gf LOL. man LONGGGGGGGGG STORY. and i had to simplify the ending and skip alot >.<i bet you guys hate me now LOl its so long..anyways we've been dating for 3 years now and still going.. now im 18.. and his 22 :DI LOVE HIM HEAPS. and thats why i appreciate being with him so much. because it was really hard to be with him. it was a long and bumpy road so im never gona let him go!!! no matter what!! :DThanks for whoever read this!! i know ur eyes are sore by nowTake care hahahha

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